Resident Testimonials

"This is my third time returning to Rockwood Apartments. I will tell you in my 11 years as a resident in Austin, I have never had as favorable an experience anywhere else as I have had EACH TIME living at Rockwood!! Rockwood's management is outstanding! Always on top of things, always informing its tenants of upcoming events and if they need to enter the apartment for any fixes or improvements. No other apartment complex compares in my opinion!! The security gates, the well manicured courtyard, the cleanliness of the pool and hot tub, and the feeling of being home will keep me here for years to come. Way to go Rockwood!!"
- Stefan

"My husband and I lived at this wonderful place for almost 6 years, where we had the best apartment, the best neighbors and the best management staff. I seriously cannot praise Rockwood enough. It is a great place if you are looking for a community and not just an average complex. The building is in an established neighborhood, with stores, restaurants and entertainment all within walking distance, which helps make Rockwood a homey and inviting place. Management always makes sure everyone is comfortable and if you ever need any kind of maintenance done, it is taken care of that very same day (thanks, Glen and Rogelio!). If I hadn't had to leave because of school, I would have stayed there forever. And who knows, maybe after I am done here in the Northeast we can have our old apartment back (right Mary Anne and Maryland')"
- Max and Sandy

"This is a quick note to let you know about my experiences living at Rockwood Apartments. Iíd like to begin by expressing my appreciation for the consistent quality of resident service and maintenance care that I have received from the Rockwood Staff It is rare to find an apartment community staff that is as friendly and accommodating as Rockwood. The management staff has made me feel very welcome. They are always quick with a wave and a friendly smile whenever I see them on the property. Theyíve always been happy to answer any questions Iíve had and have been quick to address any concerns that Iíve brought to them. Maryann and Maryland are truly amazing I have lived in many apartment communities and I have to say Rockwood has the best maintenance ethic I have ever seen. The grounds are kept in pristine condition and all common areas are always well groomed. Any maintenance requests have been taken care of the same day. Iíve never had that luxury before. Glen is a true asset to this community. When I moved into my apartment it was immaculately clean and the staff even left me a welcome basket in the kitchen. I knew from the first day I was going to enjoy living at Rockwood. Iíve never had a staff make me feel so welcome. Maryann, Maryland and Glen are true professionals. I hope they are recognized for their achievements and I would like to let them know how much they are appreciated by their residents."
Ė Dave

"We have VERY much enjoyed our time at Rockwood Apartments. It is a wonderful complex managed and staffed by people who actually care about the tenants (Maryann, Maryland, Glen and Rogelio). We are deeply indebted to them and grateful for their dedication to Rockwood and residents housed there."
Ė Stephen and Michael

"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I cherish living at Rockwood Apartments. You all do such a great job of keeping the place clean and you all also make it such an enjoyable place to live. I recently helped a friend move into an apartment off Parmer Lane and noticed how the complex didnít seem to care as much. There was hardly any parking for guests or residents (they want the residents to pay extra for covered or garage parking). The parking lot was also filled with trash and the gate was broken. My friend made several requests to fix these problems and none have been taken care of yet (it has been 2 weeks). They seem to only care about collecting the rent and thatís it. That made me realize how lucky I am to live where I do. There the management cares about their tenants and also strives to make the living better for everyone every single month. Thanks for all that you do, have a great weekend and keep up the good work."
- Jake